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The rebrand rebound

Last week, I talked about rebranding the site. And then I promptly got lost in sorting out everything I’ve been trying to get on top of lately. It’s quite a challenge to be fair – when you do everything I do, it’s difficult to keep up. BUT…

First part of the rebrand was acknowledging and accepting that it’s ok to want to change things. I’m no good with change – it unsettles me and then I become mired in the nothing that is procrastination, and that’s even worse than continuing with something that makes me unhappy or is difficult. So. I wanted to change the site. The next question became ‘to what?’.

I’d already answered that too in a way though. More personal, less formal. Check. In line with the book (because that’s what draws the most questions). Check.
Am I doing anyone a disservice choosing to move over to this plan though?

That was the bit that made me stop and think – till I

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realised that for the last four months, I’ve checked in here, replied to a handful of comments that contained personal information so I could not publish, deleted spam and had nothing else to say. I’m emotionally drained answering the questions from people facing challenges with their mental health, and I do it for an hour a week. If i don’t answer, I get to write a blog post, but it rarely feels like it’s helping people.

And then…well, then I realised that actually – my job isn’t always to help. It’s not always to give people information because they asked – it’s to document something that they might not think of asking – or might not need NOW but I can talk about.
So that’s what the blog is.

And the book? The book is called ‘Pictures in the Dark’. Which is why the tagline changed this week 🙂