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Painful honesty

When I started bi-polarbears, in 2003, I never thought that my life would be quite like this.  I mean, no one can predict where their life will actually BE, but I didn’t think this was where I’d end up.  Hundreds of miles away from my family, my treasured university degree, and a pile of websites that never get updated any more.
I don’t think it’s burnout.  I think it’s having so much to do that I just don’t have the time to do them.  And that’s my fault.  I’m very VERY good at starting things – I’m not so good at finishing them.  But I’ve cut back a lot recently, mostly because I just don’t have the heart to do a lot of the projects I started, and I’m back again.

So, thank you for bearing with us, and I’m looking forward to introducing you to some wonderful talent I’ve met recently, plus I’ll be back to blog too 🙂

With the growing issues around mental health, and the fact that even 11 years on, we’re still being discriminated against and aren’t being treated appropriately, I think I should come back and talk.

Guest bloggers

if you’d like to guest blog with us, as ever, the option is always open to anyone.  Anonymously, or with a byline, it’s your choice.  We’re especially interested in people that have books which deal with mental health in a way that works against the stigma, or discusses it in a more open fashion.  If you fit these requirements, please do get in touch, we’d love to feature your book!