New member – new start :)

With the new launch, I am delighted to announce that I’m one of the new staff writers on the blog. I’m going to be writing about single parenting, postpartum depression and some other stuff.
I’m also delighted to announce that I’m writing a novella to increase mental health awareness, and how sometimes, going home can be the best thing for you, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Your New Normal

When Jenna moved from everything she’d built back to everything she knew as a teen, things should have been more…well, normal.
A story about the definition of normal, how ‘normal’ is a definition, not goal, and getting over heartache.
Out with KushkaPress soon!

A little about me. I’m a Scottish woman that moved to the US as a teen, and came back at the end of last year, after the relationship I was in disintergrated. I have a Masters in History and was diagnosed witb bipolar disorder when I was a teen. I was ok for a while, but having my daughter has left me with severe postpartum (postnatal) depression has meant that adjusting has been hard. Add in COVID, especially as I am extremely extroverted, and I’ve really struggled.

I like to read, draw and review books. My guilty pleasure is 90’s sitcoms.

I would love to review fiction with authentic representations of mental health – my first articles will be reviewing apps on my phone and meditation, and I’ll be talking about working from home and adjusting to self-isolation.

If I can answer anythung else, please, just comment! Or contact us!