Bi-polarbears, the site, has been around since sometime in 2003, when a young bipolar woman decided that enough was enough, and that she wanted to share as much of what she understood of her disorder as she could with others.

With that goal in mind she, and a couple of freinds all teamed up and set out to create the first bipolarbears newsletter.  Four issues in however, and things began to change, mainly the focus.  It went from being about the individual accomplishments of its writing staff, to the experiences of a group of people, speaking for a community.
Bi-polarbears has since been revamped close to four times since – and staff have came and left – but the central message has always remained – live, thrive and survive.

Its the cornerstone of our manifesto, and the new book by our EIC, D Kai Wilson.

If you’d like to learn more about a member of staff, please check out thier bios, otherwise, we wish you good exploration, and hope that you learn something new about yourself, today and every day.