Resources · October 18, 2011 0

Accepting books for review

One of the major areas I’ve been struggling with, quite a lot lately, is getting back into a nice balance of reading/writing.  And now that I’ve finally managed to set everything up the way I want it, and am sorting out the last of my projects, I’m delighted to announce that we’re accepting ARC’s and released books in eletronic format to review and introduce to readers and subscribers of our site.

This service is free – but we do not buy books for review – the authors provide them.  In the interests of transparency, I won’t review any book that promotes certain things that go against our manifesto, or portray mental health in a negative light.  I won’t review books that are written as ‘professional advice’ unless you have professional qualifications, and for the sake of the readers of our page, until we’ve had some books to show the calibre of writing available out there, if your book is rated three or less (and I have clear guidelines) out of ten, I won’t run your review.

I’m accepting requests right now at kaithereviewer at  – and you can read more about what we will and won’t accept by checking out our manifesto and the reviews page.