Reading and writing for fun

One of the things I did say I was going to do, when I

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picked up blogging again, was highlight some of the ‘other stuff’ I get up to.
An area I’m considering is a Kickstarter Project for Pictures – simply because I don’t have the resources to devote to it yet, but the book really needs written. In the meantime, I wanted to invite you to something a bit different.

I firmly believe that we’re the sum of everything people don’t see – because if we’re just what people can *see*, I’d be dull, shallow and quite shy. I don’t look smart – I have poor self-image control and I’m a disorganised mess most of the time. In fact, I’ll readily admit to spending more time in PJ’s (depressed or otherwise) than I do in any other item of clothing that I own.
My day consists of getting up – writing – editing – knitting if I’m lucky – going to bed. In between I clean and cook and care for my family, alongside my partner.

But, I never talk (rarely talk) about the writing part on here.
So, here’s some stuff you might be interested in.
I’m a fiction writer. I teach writing fiction too. If you’re a fiction writer, you may want to check out The Indie Author Group, (it also has a Facebook group) – and the two Facebook groups, The Indie Exchange and The Indie Marketplace – there’s lots of good resources out there. Need an editor? I’m probably your woman – and I don’t charge much either.

If you’re not a writer and you’ve got an e-reader though, things can be difficult. It’s hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and if all you want to do is relax (especially if fiction is your escape, and money is tight) it can be difficult to find good books to read.
So I run a couple of projects to help with that too.
I’ve stopped reviewing publicly – until recently. But I thought I’d offer some suggestions up. One is a mailing list, one is a group on Facebook. Again, you’re welcome to join either or both. The mailing list will (eventually) get a blog, but for now, it’s just a mailing list where I highlight the books I believe are worthwhile to other readers.

Indie reader Connect is designed around giving indie readers a place to connect with the writers they care about, and discover new ones. We’re just getting set up right now, but if this sounds interesting to you, jump on board, and let us know what YOU want to see.

And the Facebook group is simply called Indie Readers. We’re a mostly no author promo area – I’d love readers to come talk about what they want to see and what they enjoy.

And that’s it for this week. Is there anywhere you’d recommend for getting the buzz on what’s readworthy?