H is for Headspace #atozchallenge

I’ve touched a couple of times on the fact that I’m working more on meditation and mindfulness, and working on being more present.

During the lockdown, I several apps decided to put up free content or offer memberships to trial them, and one of them was Headspace.

Since then, they’ve done a Netflix series, and they’ve extended their app, but I’ve got some favorite features.


Hands down, by far and away, my favorite aspect of the app is their Sleepscapes. They are 45 minute guided meditations/mindfulness exercises to fall asleep.

I’ve enjoyed all of them so far, but my favorites are the Midnight Laundrette, The Slow train and the Lighthouse.

They’ve got a few ASMR guided meditations, and the latest update added some extra features.

The daily rundown

A new feature they’ve added recently is a daily plan you can follow. The Wakeup is part of my day already, but they’ve added extra – I like that it’s showing me more of the things are available – from meditations and courses to focus music.

You can check out the app for a trial period, at Headspace.

Watch “10 Minute Relaxing Deep Sleep Sleepcast and Sleep Story: Midnight Launderette” on YouTube