June 7, 2012

Projects, books and writing

One of the major things I’ve tried to keep, no matter how hectic my life gets, is writing.  And for the longest time, I’ve been battling through the most solitary part of writing – which is writing the book.  Let’s face it, no matter how much you talk, you’ve got...

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April 25, 2012

The rebrand rebound

Last week, I talked about rebranding the site. And then I promptly got lost in sorting out everything I’ve been trying to get on top of lately. It’s quite a challenge to be fair – when you do everything I do, it’s difficult to keep up. BUT… First part of...

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April 18, 2012


For a while now, and part of the reason that posts are so rare here, it’s just been me writing the content for the site.  And like many others that live the life that I do (freelancer, mom and mental health survivor), the best of intentions get swept under the...

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